A place for me to ramble about settings I am working on.

About Settings

This could probably have a template or a standard setup, or a thing for organizing these setups. Maybe this is something I can pull from thin air or see what other people are doing.

Quickly jotting ideas for sections:

  • World
  • History
  • Races
  • Characters
  • Snippets (lil bits of prose)

💡 For example, all the info I have on TG and the Thonic history can go into one of these. I think that can be one setting that includes TG, APRIL, and Digital Princess....Thanatonauts would be a different setting.

💡 This may overlap with the GDD purpose a bit, which may mean I should take some sections out of the GDD and put them here, keep the GDD focused on game mechanics and design decisions. That said it can be hard to separate story and setting from game mechanics (and honestly that's probably a good thing). But something to keep in mind.

💡 When talking about these section, I shouldn't forget to link things together, like linking to Thonics when talking about them, or the MC or something like that. Also I should finally just pick names instead of just calling them MC or Mentor...I should be able to change references automatically if I don't like their names.


These are just some links that I think will be helpful in general

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